Semi Permanent Lashes

Semi permanent extensions are attached to your natural lash, creating longer and thicker lashes. Extensions can last several weeks with proper care and regular maintenance-recommended every 2-3 weeks. Contact lenses must be removed and a lash tint may be recommended for even better results.

Full set (90mins)
Lash flicks (30 mins)*
Lash express (30mins) Full set designed to last 3-4 days
Maintenance (30 mins) Recommended every 2-4 weeks
Maintenance (45mins)
Maintenance (60 mins)
Lash removal
* Applied to the outer corners only, to open up the eye. Ideal for a glam look or to try lashes for those that are unsure about having a full set.

Marvelscara  (similar to Myscara)

A long lasting mascara which adds curl, volume and length to your natural lashes and lasts 2/3 weeks. This semi-permanent mascara will leave you with beautifully coated lashes you can cry, swim and sleep in with no smudges.

Top and bottom lash application

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