Hair Pieces

I am able to provide clip in hair extensions or padding for you to buy for your own personal use or to hire to enhance your bridal or prom style

Sometimes it isn’t possible to achieve the optimum look from the style you would like, because your hair lacks either length or volume to make it look it’s best, when worn in the style you have chosen-this is where hair padding or pieces come in.

Hair padding is secured to your head and then your own hair arranged around it, to give it a certain shape or height that your own hair will not allow. The padding I use is filled with human hair and is therefore much easier to mould into shape, compared to other synthetic options on the market.

Hair extensions are clipped onto your own hair where needed to give it the length and/or volume to create your desired style. The extensions I use are made of 100% human hair and can be heat styled, washed, conditioned and used as your own hair would.

Both are easily removable and reusable, if you are buying them for your own use on a day to day basis.

If you are hiring or buying from me for your wedding or prom, I am able to colour match and if necessary can tone or hilight them, so they blend with your own hair perfectly. The cost of hiring includes any colouring and the preparation required before supplying to you.

Purchase price-full head-inc colour and cut to your style


Hire price-full head-coloured and prepared but not cut


Padding-purchase price


Padding-hire price, inc preparation
For those items hired from me, the cost will be detailed in your invoice and a SAE supplied on your wedding day, for you to return to me within 3 weeks of your wedding day.

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