Here are a series of most frequently asked questions

How can I get my hair and skin looking its best?
You will probably know your hair and skin better than anyone and have a regime for this; however, if you need advice, I am happy to carry out a full consultation, along with many other hair and beauty treatments both up to and after your big day. We can discuss the best course of treatment for your particular skin or hair type, timescale and goals. If you have a regular skincare routine- cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliation, continue with this and treat yourself to a facial a month or two before your wedding.

When is it best to have treatments such as waxing, facials and tanning?
If you are a regular user of the above then you will know how your skin reacts -do you get a rash after waxing or a breakout after your facial? It is always a good idea to have a trial of these well ahead of your big day to avoid any last minute mishaps and to visit a reputable salon. I would suggest 2-3 days before for a spray tan, with conventional UVA sun tanning you would need several sessions over a period of time and this is best discussed with the assistant beforehand. Waxing and facials around a week before but if you know you are prone to sensitivity it would be safer to do this 10-14 days in advance. I am able to carry out your waxing and facials, along with many other treatments and am happy to create a package that is tailor made to your specific requirements. It is always advisable to have your eyebrows tidied up, this simple treatment will really open up the eye area.

When should I have my hair cut and/or coloured?
If you are a regular user of colour then 7-14 days before is usually sufficient-this gives the hair time to settle and there still won’t be any signs of regrowth, the same applies to your cut. If you are thinking of experimenting and having a change of style or colour, I would recommend doing this well ahead of the wedding but do make sure that your new cut will accommodate the bridal style you would like!

I have a tattoo I would like covered up-is this possible?
I use a system specially designed to cover up birthmarks, scars, rosacea and tattoos-this is adapted to suit your skin tone and set to stay in place for the day.

What products do you use?
I use professional products, such as Loreal and Tigi for the hair and Mac, Benefit, Illamasqua, Green People and Kaeso on the skin, these products ensure optimum care for your hair and skin and present less chance of any sensitivity occurring .

Will I need to re-touch my make-up during the day?
The products I use and method of application should ensure that your make-up will stay in place all day; products are both waterproof and hypo-allergenic. Your lip colour is likely to require reapplication however- I am able to provide for you to purchase any items of make-up we are using on the day. As a thank you, you will receive on your wedding day, an organza pouch containing some mini products, these are tailor made for you but will include some of the following-make up remover, cleanser, toner, massage oil, cotton buds, lip-gloss, along with a voucher redeemable against any further appointments with myself.

When is it best to have my trial?
I usually suggest 4-8 weeks before your wedding; however some brides opt to have theirs sooner and some later. Your trial allows us to meet, discuss your expectations, then achieve these; I will take digital photographs, which ensure we capture everything, ready to recreate on your wedding day. By the time you leave I will be certain as to what you require of me, I will then create a timetable to ensure runs smoothly on the day. This will include any other people in your booking. If possible wear something that closely matches the colour of your wedding dress with a similar neckline, this will give you a better idea of how your will look on your big day.

Where do I begin choosing a hairstyle-I haven’t a clue!!
You may think that you don’t know where to begin choosing your bridal hairstyle but chances are, you probably have more of an idea than you thought. Start looking out for styles which appeal to you and collect pictures if possible, to bring along to your trial, it also helps to bring your veil and any hair accessories you will be using.

I know what style I would like but my hair isn’t long/thick enough.
It isn’t always practical or realistic to grow your hair to the length that you might require in order to achieve your bridal hairstyle-this is where hair pieces, padding and extensions come in! Made from 100% human hair and coloured if necessary to match your own hair, they can give you the length or volume needed to create your perfect style.

Are all people in my booking required to have a trial?
Usually it is just the bride that has a trial, though sometimes this does extend to other members of the bridal party. It always helps if you are able to provide photographs of other people in your booking and a description of what they are likely to require. You are welcome to bring someone along to your trial.

There are several people in my booking-will you get us all ready in time?
This will all be finalised during your trial, factors to consider include what time your wedding is, when you have to leave and if there are any time constraints on entering your venue. If necessary I am able to provide another artist at no extra charge to ensure everyone is ready in plenty of time. By the end of your trial, I will know how long exactly I will need to spend with you on your wedding day.

What should I do on the morning before you arrive?
If you are having your make up applied, please carry out your usual skin care regime, this gives the products a chance to absorb into your skin. Make sure you are wearing something easily removable so your hair won’t get disturbed when it is time to put your dress on. It is usually best to wash your hair the day before in most cases; styles generally hold better when the hair isn’t freshly washed. If you are having your hair blow-dried, please have your hair washed before I arrive, if possible.

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